A Scanner Darkly

D is despair, D is desertion, D is finally death, from the head down.

This is a self-shaded (interpolated rotoscope) tale of psychosis, addiction, split personality disorder, heavy drugs, and conspiracy.

This is the future? This is a thinker’s film and is stacked closely to my copy of Waking Life and Cypher.

Bob Arctor is NARC agent; he is also a man slowly falling down the rabbit hole on substance D. A scanner sees all, clearly or darkly? This is only known to those who control the system – although does anybody really control the system? Bob Arctor works for the system but he becomes the subject to its own design. He loses himself and finds strange things, darks things and wondrous unexpected things.

This is no happy film, it sheds light on our not so distant dark cultural underbelly, glimpses at the mental sewers of those addicted to substance D.

” Who am I? And what does a scanner see? Into the head, into the heart, does it see into me? Clearly or darkly? “

Dark sci-fi by inspired Philip K. Dick’s work of the same name.