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  • Rachel Sermanni

    Rachel Sermanni – Under Mountains

    During my exploration on Half Moon Run I decided to check out their video Full Circle – played live for the Mahogany Sessions.  Within the suggested videos section was an interesting titled song – Marshmallow Unicorn played by Rachel Sermanni  – somebody I had not, at the time, encountered.

    Rachel Sermanni

    I was instantly captivated with her velvety vocals and her intricately layered emotional inflections, the video itself sees her sitting on a busy street (images of Brighton Lanes came to mind), delivering a beautiful poetic piece accompanied with soft acoustic guitar. Her delivery is dreamy, almost introspective, her vocal delicacy is beautiful, with haunting romantic whispering and heart felt rhythm.  – It terms of genre she falls within the folk fairy-tale flavour, a space well known to the likes of Emiliana Torrini and Karine Polwart.

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  • Think Floyd 2014

    Think Floyd – live at the Lighthouse Theatre Kettering.

    There are many bands out there who have gained fame by keeping Pink Floyd’s material alive but few are as well produced, talented and in-sync with the material as Think Floyd. Their own renditions and subtle twists and contributions to the well known  tracks are beautifully delivered.

    I was blown away by this evenings session and awed by their choice of old and new Floyd titles, they have been on the scene for 20 years now and well worth checking out – www.thinkfloyd.net follow them on facebook

    Think Floyd live at the Kettering Lighthouse Theatre 2014
    Think Floyd live at the Kettering Lighthouse Theatre 2014

  • Featured (psychedelic) Band 2014

    Temples – Sun Structures

    Ok I may be behind the times somewhat when it comes to music disc-overy and I did hear rumours of their live (November 2013) Kettering HMV session, but because of (at the time) work commitments I never got round to listening to them, however recently I have revisited my “to do” listening list and have been quite literally blown wide open with amazement – why oh why did I miss such a rare occurrence. The Temples are now my psychedelic number one for 2014. (more details to come)


  • Emiliana Torrini

    After years of Enya, Eva Cassidy and Sinead Oconnor, sometime in 2001 I found my new female lead singer, her name Emiliana Torrini. Her first masterstroke to grace my ears – Gollum’s Song from Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers (which oddly enough does not appear in any of her albums – to my knowledge). Alluring and seductive, once she takes hold, hypnotism ensues. This is chillout 101 baby. Lyrics are beautifully crafted, her writing is something of daydreams and long nothings by the sea. Endlessly deep and expressive her vocals carry those mystical Icelandic tones. The voice of Emiliana Torrini is what I imagine my dream lover to sound as she whispers in my ear. She is an often unacknowledged treasure who has been in the industry for many years and is secretly responsible for many of the great chart-topping hits, having written many songs (cor how many times did I just say many – quite a few I think!)


    Favourite artist of 2006 Emiliana Torrini:

    Love in the Time of Science

    Fisherman’s Woman

    Me And Armini

    Tookah (new for 2013)


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  • Emily Maguire – Keep Walking

    I am not entirely sure how I discovered this artist, but I remember reading about her, there was a lovely story about her – living in a small wooden hut somewhere in the outback of Australia just in tranquillity writing songs and being at peace. It took me a long time to acquire this album and I have been unable to get her other albums (having only 2 or three), I found it hard to find her works in typical mass-music shops such as HMV and landed up purchasing through Amazon. It’s a melodic mixture of folky warmth, beautiful acoustics, and haunting emotive vocals.
    Other titles include:

    Emily Maguire – Keep Walking 2007 (featured)

    Emily Maguire – Stranger Place 2008

    Emily Maguire – Bird Inside A Cage 2013


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  • Featured Band 2014

    Half Moon Run

    – Dark Eyes album

    Sitting in my car ready to begin another uneventful day. My ears were greeted by a band named Half Moon Run – the track Full Circle. Without warning I was propelled down a rabbit hole of emotions and feelings. When a band can evoke spiritual stirrings, summon sympathy and shape a mood, I know I am onto a good thing. The band has an engrossing freshness, haunting and delightfully original and something entirely unexpected from typical chart radio one daytime airings. Suffice it to say that I was quick to “youtube” their works – subsequently resulting in my purchase of Dark Eyes album.

    Follow them on Twitter @halfmoonrun

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