Emiliana Torrini

After years of Enya, Eva Cassidy and Sinead Oconnor, sometime in 2001 I found my new female lead singer, her name Emiliana Torrini. Her first masterstroke to grace my ears – Gollum’s Song from Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers (which oddly enough does not appear in any of her albums – to my knowledge). Alluring and seductive, once she takes hold, hypnotism ensues. This is chillout 101 baby. Lyrics are beautifully crafted, her writing is something of daydreams and long nothings by the sea. Endlessly deep and expressive her vocals carry those mystical Icelandic tones. The voice of Emiliana Torrini is what I imagine my dream lover to sound as she whispers in my ear. She is an often unacknowledged treasure who has been in the industry for many years and is secretly responsible for many of the great chart-topping hits, having written many songs (cor how many times did I just say many – quite a few I think!)


Favourite artist of 2006 Emiliana Torrini:

Love in the Time of Science

Fisherman’s Woman

Me And Armini

Tookah (new for 2013)


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