on being 31

Thirty-one divided by twice is 15 and a half which inexorably means I am quadruple the mental age of many wannabe adults. I have discovered the power of NO, and have learned the importance of silence in a stressful situation. My ignorance of how I look and what I wear is now something of beauty and I still laugh inside when observing those dull conformists and mindless fashion followers.

My love of coffee has finally outgrown that of tea.

My new obsession is that of polishing and waxing wood.

I still loath clutter with absolute integrity.

Sleep is something welcomed and no longer a chore, though my waking hours are more.

I hate rudeness in any form and am quick to develop an inherent animosity for those who exercise it towards others.

I find even more things and people funny, and only joke about the serious things in life.