On Reviewing

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and when reviewing a film (or any work for that matter) this principle proverb should always be remembered. My reviews are based on the experience I gained from a particular film in context with the setting, circumstance, and sometimes time and date. Often I will talk little of the storyline or acting but instead present a holistic overview, driven more on feeling and experience rather than content. This of course does not dismiss covering key elements I look for in a good film such as:

  • Theme
  • Photography and design
  • Colour
  • Production and editing
  • Score

More often than not the films I choose to review will consist of an underlying intricately woven plot or story (however this is not always the case – some of the more unique films I have seen present little in the way of a storyline but focus more on a visual journey).

Where necessary I will discuss elements of a storyline where this is necessary to provide sufficient commentary on the overall viewing experience. Certainly a prime example would be of The Fountain, where there is heavy emphasis on character development and plot.

My style of writing, and my approach to viewing, is always organic and free-form. Discarding all prior opinions I will watch a film with an open mind, and I never predict what may happen and when writing I will often dive into things.