Rachel Sermanni

Rachel Sermanni – Under Mountains

During my exploration on Half Moon Run I decided to check out their video Full Circle – played live for the Mahogany Sessions.  Within the suggested videos section was an interesting titled song – Marshmallow Unicorn played by Rachel Sermanni  – somebody I had not, at the time, encountered.

Rachel Sermanni

I was instantly captivated with her velvety vocals and her intricately layered emotional inflections, the video itself sees her sitting on a busy street (images of Brighton Lanes came to mind), delivering a beautiful poetic piece accompanied with soft acoustic guitar. Her delivery is dreamy, almost introspective, her vocal delicacy is beautiful, with haunting romantic whispering and heart felt rhythm.  – It terms of genre she falls within the folk fairy-tale flavour, a space well known to the likes of Emiliana Torrini and Karine Polwart.

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