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  • The Idle Snapshot

    My 35mm film photography began when I was given a charming old mechanical Yashica Minister (II21106092) housed within a light brown leather case – the sort you can carry on a shoulder and partly unbutton to take a picture. Constructed with a fixed 35mm f2.8 lens that has yielded many great shots over the years in my service and has probably witnesses many amazing sights in its lifetime.

    After some time with the Yashica I was introduced to Nikon with their F60 Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. For a while I had to tolerate a cheap 35mm plastic lens of relatively poor quality compared to Yashica´s predated fixed equivalent, but eventually I was rewarded with a 24 – 70mm.

    From the F60 I found myself launched into the digital realm of photography with the Nikon D70. And for five or so years it was good. Many of the pictures on my ImageKind profile were shot using this very camera. Fortunately I have parental access to a variety of Nikon, Sigma and Pentax lenses – they don’t come cheap so borrowing I the way forward, for the time being.

    After a few years of inactivity, following various job and life-style changes, I am humbly rediscovering my interests in photography, with these changes comes a new body – the Fuji S5 Pro. 2015 marks the opening for some new memories, delivered through (hopefully) some nice photography.