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  • e-cig by ecigwizard

    Ok so your one of the following:

    You’re a smoker actually looking for an alternative to patches and inhalers, or gums and tablets.

    You’re a smoker looking to cut down and need something to help

    Perhaps you have no intention of quitting but would like to get into “vaping” because your friends do it.

    Myself, I have been down the quitting route, quite for six months using a trusted and very effective combination of patches and inhalers – and yes my life “was” transformed, however my battle against the cravings was not over and before I knew my ass from my elbow I found myself smoking again. Then in November 2013 I began to see people using a strange electronic contraption that looked like a compact bong, an e-cig (from ecigwizard) not to be confused with those shitty electronic cigarettes that look like cigarettes but taste fowl and run of AA batteries.

    Today I was bought my first e-cig, a starter pack consisting of the following:

    • A battery (rechargeable via branded USB cable)
    • An atomizer component using a Clearomizer unit (unlike those preposterous cigarette form factor things these utilise a solid non-foam method consisting of a glass tank to store the liquid and a coil system to absorb and vaporize the liquid) – this essentially is the main component of the e-cig and is responsible for providing the artificial smoke (vapour).
    • 10ml “melon magic” e-liquid

    The principle behind the e-cig is fairly simple, (assuming the unit is charged) one simply fills the atomizer (ensuring liquid does not enter the central heating element – achieved by filling from the edges), connect atomizer to battery and then activate unit (typically by pressing button 5 times) then press button once while inhaling – this will produce the vapour.

    OK now for the facts:

    • My e-cig tastes great
    • It gives me the right balance between throat hit and vapour production (if you want the science of PG vs VG – propylene glycol vs vegetable glycerine and nicotine then check out the many youtube vids on “vaping”)
    • Of course the above two facts are based on the liquid you use, but already I am finding it much easier to control my cravings, and the e-cig has now become an alternative to smoking
    • E-cigs are NOT yet regulated – there is NO medical evidence of their efficiency or short-term and long-term effects.
    • From my experience e-cigs are very much a personal taste thing, like patches they either work for you or don’t, and like the process of quitting it relies on your own will power and chemical needs as an addict and consumer.

    Recommendations then: well as far as electronic devices go the e-cig is certainly an affordable and effective device, and used sensibly it is an efficient way of quitting, however I have observed a culture change where e-cigs are being over-used and “vaping” is the new smoking – and without proper medical evidence I am a little concerned about its long-term effects on the lungs.